Global Game Jam 2018 Postmortem

30th April 2018

Global Game Jam 2018 ran from the 26th January 2018 – 28th January 2018, during which I worked with my game jam team, Volatile Element where we created ‘Migraine’: You, the player have a migraine and you need to find painkillers, a cup and some water. Simple enough? Not in your modern day office filled with …

How to Configure a Docker Environment for WordPress

25th February 2018

If you’ve never used Docker or configured a basic Docker setup for WordPress before this blog post will guide you through the very simple process on how to do just that! In December 2017 I decided to update my personal website (this one!), but instead of picking a new WordPress theme I wanted to create …

Website and Blog Refresh

28th January 2018

So.. It’s been a while since I last updated this site. I think I was fresh out of University and job hunting the last time I posted an update here. I guess this makes this post my ‘Second Update’? Since then I got a job at BrandFour as a Developer (I work on a lot …

Sherwood and Back Again – #RobinHoodDay

31st October 2015

Following my work with Sean Oxspring from Hitpoint Games on Natural Election which was hosted by the Nottingham Video Game Arcade (NVA). The NVA commissioned Hitpoint Games to try make #RobinHoodDay more engaging via social media. The Idea Our idea was to try and fire an arrow around the world, from Sherwood and Back Again. …

Trakt Spoiler Preventer Version 1.0 Released

16th July 2015

After 7 weeks of work Version 1.0 of my Google Chrome Extension, the Trakt Spoiler Preventer is now live on the Chrome Web Store! It will obscure any episode name, description, screenshot and comment on the website. As I mentioned in my previous update post I’ll be writing a short guide on going from an idea …

My First Update

8th June 2015

I’m going to post these mini updates about what’s happened and what’s happening soon now and again (mainly as a reminder to myself to post about certain things). They might contain stuff I’ve recently worked on or found interesting as well as stuff I plan to release soon, start working on or want to spread the word …

Hello World

28th May 2015

Hello World.