My First Update

My First Update

Jordan Bird
8th June 2015

I’m going to post these mini updates about what’s happened and what’s happening soon now and again (mainly as a reminder to myself to post about certain things). They might contain stuff I’ve recently worked on or found interesting as well as stuff I plan to release soon, start working on or want to spread the word on. I guess I’ll see where I go with these types of posts.

What Happened Recently?

Just over a week ago Sean Oxspring posted our co-written post-mortem of Natural Election on Gamasutra where we discuss the idea of Natural Election and reflect on the development (and as the game was produced in 7 days, there was a lot of reflecting). Amazingly Dodger picked up this post-mortem and discussed it and the possibility of seeing more games appear like it in her latest Gaming Newz video; you can view the segment on Natural Election and data games at 7:50. I recommend it as it’s an interesting watch! (Not that I’m bias or anything).

What’s Happening Soon?

The next iteration of our game Natural Election is now GitHub official so I’ll be starting work on that on Monday. We’re going to look at creating a game around the Twitter data generated from E3 this time!

I’m also currently working on a Google Chrome extension that will re-implement the spoiler prevention functionality from the previous version of (If you don’t know what Trakt is and watch a lot of television, I’d recommend looking it up. It’ll help you keep track of all the shows you watch and remind you when they air among other stuff.) I’ll likely write a blog post about my experience working with Chrome Extensions and how easy they are to create in the future!

My website will likely change over the coming weeks too as I’m teaching myself WordPress so that I can implement it into my own website/template.

So that concludes my first post on my website (I’m keeping the Hello World post, it appeals to the programmer in me too much). My next post will either be about my Google Chrome extension of the E3 data game which will hopefully be of more interest! Until the next time!

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