Website and Blog Refresh

Website and Blog Refresh

Jordan Bird
28th January 2018

So.. It’s been a while since I last updated this site. I think I was fresh out of University and job hunting the last time I posted an update here. I guess this makes this post my ‘Second Update’?

Since then I got a job at BrandFour as a Developer (I work on a lot of different things, but mostly ASP.NET sites) and I’ve entered another three (four after this weekend #GGJ18) game jams!

So onto the point of this blog post, in December 2017 I was working on a personal game project and I wanted to share some of the stuff I was working on at the time, but I felt that my current site was in a bit of a sorry state. I decided I was going to update my site and set a target to blog more in 2018.

My original plan was to just build a single page website and use WordPress as the blog backend but very quickly I decided I wanted to include more WordPress features so I settled on creating my own theme.

During the process I learnt a bit more about PHP, a lot more about WordPress and I used Docker for the first time which was a lot easier to setup than I was expecting! (I’ll be writing a followup on this in the next few weeks).

The design isn’t finished and I’ll be working on it over the coming months but I really wanted to get version 1.0 live for Global Game Jam 1018.

The Old ‘Design’ (Free WordPress Theme)

My Custom Theme


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